The story behind Go Massive

The Olympics has started I do hope it brings some joy and good vibes to the everyone on the world. 

I've always loved the Olympics and have fond memories of it as a kid. I remember watching a few Olympic opening ceremonies with my parents when I was growing up. I remember all the build up to the big day, I remember the theme songs (yep there used to be Olympic theme songs!) and I remember superstar athletes being talked about and showcased on TV ads, on billboards and just about everywhere you looked in the lead up to the Olympics. 
Just seeing these amazingly talented people getting (in some cases), their once in a lifetime opportunity to shine was always so exhilirating, so magical. 

Of all the Olympic sports, athletics has always been my favourite sport to watch. I don't quite know why - may be because it's pretty straight forward to understand. The athletes just have to run the fastest, jump the highest or throw the longest in the final show down and then a winner is crowned. Nothing too scientific about that.....unlike me trying to understand the 'offside' rule in football (i.e. soccer for my American friends). I'm pretty sure those who've tried to explain it to me in the past were not even sure exactly what it is otherwise I'd have understood it by now surely! Lol 

That said during the Olympics, my sporting preferences go out the window. I just want to watch everything and see everyone giving their best and winning. Come the Olympics I'm suddenly a connoisseur of Swimming, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Weightlifting - you name it I'm there, glued to the TV watching and living all the highs and lows with the athletes. And when they win I've got tears of joy streaming down my face like I'm watching some soppy romantic movie. I get more teary eyed when I see those gut wrenching moments when athletes fall short in their quest but every now again something more beautiful comes out of their tragedy. Like the year when one athlete got injured in the middle of his race and couldn't finish his event. His Dad immediately ran on to the track and pretty much carried him all the way to the finish line.....oh dear I've started welling up already remembering that!!!   

All in all I’m extremely fascinated and inspired by all athletes irrespective of their sport and how they go about accomplishing their goals. They train and work hard day in day out far away from the spotlight for their one moment at the pinnacle of their sports like the Olympics where they get to shine. When that moment comes, they have to make the most of it as it could literally make or break their careers. 

I guess I was thinking a bit about that as I was writing 'Go Massive' my newest track. Even then as I was writing it, I wanted to turn it into something that could inspire anyone no matter what it is they do and giving it their best shot. 
Many of us have been touched in some way by COVID and the pandemic experience and for me it’s helped bring a lot of things into focus - like how we shouldn’t take life for granted and the fact that we need to make the most of every opportunity as we may not get a second chance. So whilst I first wrote Go Massive back in 2019 it's only now that it felt right to get it recorded and released. It feels like it can now fulfil that bigger vision I had - a deeper purpose of inspiring all of us as we navigate our way out of lockdowns and the impact of COVID all around the world. 

This song is a bit about me speaking to myself and saying ‘girl you can do it’ whilst at the same time it's saying to everyone listening that they can do it too. Today could be your moment and wouldn't it be amazing if you totally smashed it and one day in the future I get to hear  your story and then I get all teary eyed and start sobbing like you'd just won an Olympic medal! 

So what inspires you to keep going? What is that thing you've been working hard at in the background hoping one day for your moment to shine? 

I hope 'Go Massive' can do a little bit to inspire you. It's out on all the usual music platforms  but I'll leave you with the link to a montage video someone helped me put together to bring this song to life: 

Hope it gives you a boost and if it does please do share. Big hugs xx