1. Liar

From the recording Liar

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Verse 1

Don’t come around here playing games, messing with my mind

Been down this road, I’m done tryin’ na give you time

I’m cleaning house if you don’t like well that’s just fine

I’m taking what’s rightfully mine

I’m calling all the shots

Laying down the lines.

I’m breaking free not turning back

That’s for sure

The shop’s closed I’ve barricaded all the doors

I’ve done the maths, you didn’t make passing score

Don’t come round anymore

I think it’s time for you to go take a walk


I know the devil is a liar

Yeah time’s up fighting fire with fire

Standing my ground with higher power

Oh, oh, oh

I know the devil is a liar

Verse 2

The moment you leave I’ll be strong and free

I’m blocking you out yeah, get behind me

The fake news you spread the whole world can see

Your duplicity

I’m moving on with pure velocity



I’m gonna let go, let the new begin

Finding the centre, the meaning of everything

I’m learning to be, so much more comfortable in my skin

Now I’ve been found by the one who truly loves me

Verse 2

You own the blame game, you’re always looking for faults

Not gonna play no more, I’m shaking you off

Meant every word when I said ‘enough’s enough’

No joke I’m taking off

I’ll be gone so fast, you’ll only see my dust