From the recording Heaven Feels Like

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Verse 1

What’s heaven like I wanna know

Are the streets paved with gold

And all the people that all once where loved

Who have since gone before

Will they be there cheering, waiting for me

Will it feel like coming home

The prodigal gone so long

Will there be a point of total recall

Like remembering what

It feels like when you know you belong


I just really wanna know what heaven feels like

I just really wanna know what it will be like

Tell me is it worth believing?

Is it really worth holding on?

Verse 2

I crashed and burned had to begin

Rebuild the walls restart again

Second guessing my every step

A crisis of confidence

Will there be a place prepared just for me



Open up lift the gates let me enter in

There are many behind they are following

We cannot put a price tag on it

A special place, we can’t explain

Reaching out for that something we long to be

Changed from all of our human fragility

One day we’ll laugh and celebrate

We will be free

Dancing in the streets

Chorus x2

What’s heaven like I wanna know